Geographe Cycle Club

The Club was formed in 1997 with the aim of attracting senior cyclists of the district for social rides as a way to maintaining good health and enjoying the company of like-minded people. A uniform of bright yellow shirts embroidered with the Club's Logo, was encouraged so cyclists would be more visible to other road users. Bright coloured rainwear was also encouraged.

Different rides are arranged each week and the meeting place now is at the end of King Street, next to the Yacht Club.We also ride on Wednesdays and Saturdays meeting at the same place, these rides are more casual with no set destination, this is oragised when we all meet. In the event of a drive ride it will be indicated on the ride calander where we will meet.

On Monday mornings the rides vary in distance and we are followed by a support vehicle, which carries the morning tea equipment to the destination appointed for that day. This is organised  by a roster with the member nominated for the day indicated on the ride calander.

With sponsorship from local business houses and a grant from the Lotteries Commission, a 'Camp Trailer' was built and fitted out by the Club's handymen.

A feature of the Club's Ride Calendar was, and still is, camping trips to different places where the cycling would be more challenging.

Opportunities arose to join other cycle clubs on their weekly rides. The Camp Trailer proved to be of great assistance with larger groups.

As membership grew, the structure of the rides changed progressively from one to the current six Riding Groups to cater for different riding abilities. The aim is for all Groups to arrive simultaneously at the morning tea destination for refreshments and fellowship. The support vehicle follows the slowest group.

Three long distance rides have been undertaken by members. The first in 2008 was from Kalgoorlie to Busselton to celebrate the Club's 10th anniversary. The second was in 2011, and was held in memory of the passing of a committee member who was involved with the organization of the ride and in 2013, forty members rode 700 kilometres over two weeks in France, using the barge “Fleur” as a base camp. The tour included the main rivers and canals in the champagne area out of Paris.

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