04 Sep 2018

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On behalf of the Geographe Cycle Club, I wish to congratulate local motorists for adhering to the travel distance of 1.5 metre rule from cyclists when overtaking them.

As advocates of safe cycling and exercise for older cyclists we have observed that most motorists are driving safely and giving us room when overtaking. A perfect example is shown on adjacent photo with a G.C.C. member, Andy Whittle, being overtaken on Layman Road last week.

We have also noticed that motorists are happy to wait behind our single line of cyclists when cars are travelling in opposite direction. We thank you for your patience and road manners.

May I also take the opportunity to congratulate the City of Busselton for having the vision and enthusiasm in the preparation of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste 2050 Cycling Strategy. The excellent network of cycle paths around the City demonstrates a progressive attitude to cycling and keeping our citizens healthy.

Rob Hingston
Geographe Cycle Club.

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