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09 Dec 2019
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A very Merry time !!

This year's Christmas party held at Nova was a great night with lots of laughs and sensational food.  Welcome to our new OBE awardees who received their awards from our erstwhile president.  Thankyou so much to the organisers of the night.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.



24 Oct 2019
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Life membership to John Lewin

At this year's Annual General Meeting it was with gratitude that the club bestowed a life membership to John Lewin.  John has been Treasurer, President 2008-2013 and the annual financial auditor of the club for many years.  As well as this he has assisted with the review and the writing of the club's constitution as well as many other services.  We thank you John for all your efforts. 

14 Jun 2019
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Bike sizing tips

To all members and anyone reading really we have been sent a link to a sizing guide when you are looking for your next bike.  Click on the read more arrow to get the link.  Enjoy.    https://rinascltabike.com/bike-size-chart-guide/

08 Apr 2019
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What was that bang Norm ?

Norm Watts suffered his first puncture on his new bike and with the aid of many hands and tongues a new tube was wrestled into place. After trying his pump, then borrowing another to inflate the tube, all seemed well until a loud explosion was heard. Mary then set off at pace to pick up Norm’s Ute but all was well as he fronted morning tea on time and in good spirits.   

08 Apr 2019
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Manjimup calls !! Time for a ride in the tall timber.

Quick Quiz:  Who am I ?  I played football for Collingwood and North Melbourne in the 70s.  However I am more famous for being Australia's Lamb Ambassador and for being born in - you guessed it - Manjimup !!     

Thanks to Jennie and Bev for the work in putting this camp together.    

Download the attached PDF to the left of this text for all the information.  




A five day cycle camp is planned for the Manjimup area and is open to all club members.

A ride is planned each day and all rides will leave in the morning from the Fonty’s Pool Chalets and Caravan Park. 

Shorter rides will be available and may involve a drive into town to cut off 8km each way, so please bring your bike rack.

Arrive Sunday 5th May and depart Friday 10th May 2019.

15 Mar 2019
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Cycling Denmark

A fantastic time was had by all as we travelled to this gorgeous part of Western Australia.  Whilst the hills are challenging - (of course !)everyone had a wonderful time.  

01 Feb 2019
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Nannup Tour

A short tour coming up in some gorgeous country.

3 Day Bike Tour.   February 2oth,21st,22nd.

Day1.  Busselton-Capel-Donnybrook-Kirup. 85k.  Via Goodwin Rd & Brookhampton Rd
Day2.  Kirup-Balingup-Nannup.  69k.  Via Grimwade  & Balingup -Nannup Rd.
Day3.  Nannup-Busselton.   79k.     Via Moven Rd & Sue Rd.

Shared cabin accommodation, support vehicle, meals approx cost $175.
Contact Tony Moore. 0419 809 988 or email fourmoore@wn.com.au for further details and book your spot.Closing date16th February.
E bikes welcome.

01 Feb 2019
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Murder at the Mill

Australia Day brought the club to Ruth and Bob's gorgeous Wonnerup property and the reinactment of a trial of intigue, betrayal and murder creatively permormed from the original trial transcripts from the 1850s.  Guilty your honour !!

14 Jan 2019
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Street Parade

As is tradition with the Festival of Busselton each year the annual steet parade attracted a couple of thousand people and the Geographe Cycle Club was there in force...(well...).  Lots of fun and lots of water of course !!!  Below is a selection by your intrepid photographer...

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